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hey jealousy (jonghyun/taeyeon)

hey jealousy
jonghyun/taeyeon - g - 636 words

note: point blank? i was inspired by this. also, i'm shit at coming up with song titles. gin blossoms shuffled. there u go.

"She always snorts when she laughs, what's so charming about that?" Jonghyun defended himself to Kibum over the crunch of his honey twists, hoping the sound would be enough to distract from the falter in his tone but Kibum knew him too well.

He was too transparent.

"I snort when I laugh too and you find it totally charming." Okay, point taken. Jonghyun grumbled. "I caught you staring at her again, anyway."

Choking down a piece of his snack, "I did no such thing," Jonghyun sputtered out. "I was just... observing her tone. It's really rich and emotional, okay? It'd be cool to learn to emulate it, that's all."

Jonghyun eyed his best friend as he stood up from the lobby chair at his side, his lips curved into an obvious smirk as took a step toward the nearby practice room. "Whatever you say," he called back.

Slumping down further into his chair, Jonghyun slammed his hand into the bag of his twists, bringing the messy handful up to his mouth and chomping down onto them. It was moments like the present that he was kind of glad that his dance practices didn't cross over with Kibum's - he hadn't been able to let this one go for weeks. It was kind of hypocritical for him to be annoyed about it too - he knew he would have done the same exact thing had the shoes been switched.

Swallowing the food in his mouth, he contemplated getting up to scope out another vending machine when the seat at his side shifted. "I'm hungry." The voice was all too familiar and he couldn't help but jump slightly in his seat, eyes turning to scan over a very real, very much smiling Kim Taeyeon.

"Uh," his throat felt uncharacteristically dry, as did his word bank. He usually came equipped with dozens of things to say and then some but there was something about Taeyeon that always caught him off guard at first. It was embarrassing - humiliating. In silence, he held the nearly empty bag out toward Taeyeon, warmth pooling at the pit of his stomach as his smile stretched further outward.

"Thanks." Jonghyun nodded, his streak of silence continuing, as he eyed her stuff her mouth full. She chewed - and he still watched. She chewed some more - and he still watched. She swallowed - and he was still watching. "Were you hungry or something, you're staring at the bag like you haven't eaten in days."

If he hadn't been blushing before that point Jonghyun was sure that the back of his ears were flaming red by then. "Oh, right. Sorry, I didn't mean to... stare," he chuckled awkwardly. "I didn't get a lot of sleep last night - I've kind of been spacing out all day."

Taeyeon's lower lip jutted outward. "You should've stayed home and slept! I know everyone keeps on saying that we have to make as much time as possible for training but we're both singers, you know? And it's not like they're really pushing dancing on us yet." She smiled. "And with a voice like yours," she whistled for emphasis, taking a few more honey twists. "I wouldn't be too worried."

Jonghyun blinked. "A voice like mine?"

"Yeah, you're great. Maybe we'll be able to sing together someday or something." She nudged his arm gently with her album, sending him another smile before rising to her feet, bag still in hand. "Hey, thanks for this, I really needed it. Fuel, you know? I'll see you around?"

Jonghyun nodded, raising a hand to wave her off as she turned on her heel, making her way down the long, winding hallway toward whatever sort of greatness was awaiting her.

He wasn't jealous - he was envious, and suddenly left with a glimmer of hope that, maybe someday, they'd be standing at the same level as each other.
Tags: drabble, g: shinee, g: snsd, r: g, ☆: jonghyun/taeyeon
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