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lady t: let your soul be free (jonghyun/taeyeon)

lady t: let your soul be free
jonghyun/taeyeon - freaks and geeks au - pg - 1,175 words

(note: it's the first entry in a series of ~modern~ freaks and geeks inspired drabbles/one shots i'll probably end up doing over time. i'm gonna say that this is set after the other stuff i'll end up doing, aka: a "peek" into the future.)

"I lost him again."

Fingers pattered roughly across the keyboard of Taeyeon’s cell phone as she let out an exasperated sigh, turning her gaze up just enough to do another one over of the area in front of her.

In the thirty six hours between her and Jonghyun’s flight had stopped on the landing strip of some obsolete small town airport…, she’d lost track of him twice (or thrice, now). The first of the three times had been most nerve wracking. She had been jet lagged and cold in the middle of a town that she could barely remember the name of smack dab at the bottom corner of a country she’d only dreamt about visiting in years past, and Jonghyun? Jonghyun had been nowhere in sight. It’d taken her five minutes of frantic searching before she finally managed to locate him - fingers mussing up the back fur of a small Collie. The owner - an older woman - had seemed amused, if anything, allowing Jonghyun to spend all the time he wanted with the dog while Taeyeon stood on the sidelines trying to catch up with her harsh breathing (and lost dignity).

The second of the three times hadn’t been any less predictable - after a good half hour of searching for Jonghyun she’d managed to find him huddled in the corner of exercise room of their motel, fast asleep. She’d wondered how he’d managed to fall asleep in such a position, let alone in such a place, before it’d clicked with her. He was exhausted - he was always exhausted. They were both exhausted, and that was why moving away to such a far, far away land had seemed like the most brilliant of plans when first posed.

She wasn’t regretting the decision, no. She was happy to be somewhere with just him for once, but it was slowly beginning to dawn on her that being with just Jonghyun was a bit different than she’d expected it to be. It was like taking care of a hyperactive puppy - and as good as she was with puppies, it’d always been the smaller ones that she’d been most drawn to, not ones of the over sized variety.

Exhaling sharply, her eyes flickered down to the screen of her phone, taking in the flashing of her good friends name across the screen after it’s initial vibration. Opening up the new text, she scrunched her nose in frustration as she read the message’s content.

"Maybe he went to find Jesus. God only knows how much he needs it."

"Thanks a lot, Stephanie," she spoke her reply aloud before pushing the phone into the front pocket of her green jacket. (Her dad had given it her after he’d retired from his long run with the military - it wasn’t the prettiest thing, but it was warm and smelled like home. She wanted, at least, one reminder of that.) Five minutes in and still no sign of Kim Jonghyun. She guessed it was time to go searching for him. Readying herself to make a stroll through the convenience store (Jonghyun had picked it for them on a whim) when a hand to her shoulder halted her.

"I found something." The voice, all too familiar, helped her shoulders to untense. Spinning on her heel Taeyeon took in the freshly dyed hair (a darker shade of brown) and bright smile of her boyfriend, fingers gripped around a small white box. "I didn’t catch everything the guy at the cash register had to say, but I guess it’s some sort of… flat fruit gummy?"

Taeyeon raised an eyebrow. “A… flat fruit gummy?”

Jonghyun nodded his head, enthusiasm visible in his expression as he took to Taeyeon’s side, snaking on arm around her shoulder as the other held out the box in front of her. “It looks so good. They’re called… Fruit Roll Ups? Can we buy a few?”

"We’re on a budget." Taeyeon grumbled at herself. They really were on a budget. They were a guy and girl barely brushing their mid-twenties who’d just moved to a foreign county with no more than four bags of luggage a piece. She hadn’t even been able to apply for a new credit card yet. But…, those eyes. She narrowed her own toward Jonghyun. "You puppy eyes do nothing for me anymore, I told you that."

He frowned. “But, noona, they look so… fruity.”

Jonghyun rattled the box back and forth in front of her face and there was something about the action that warmed her. It made her feel sixteen again - standing off to the side of the dingy noodle restaurant down the street from her house, Jonghyun shaking a case of dry ramen he’d promised to bring his mother home (because it was the closest thing to music he could open his ears up to at the time) before hiding behind her jacket to steal a quick kiss or the beginnings of a make out. They’d been kicked out more than once, Taeyeon begging the manager to not tell her parents in exchange for working a weekend every once in awhile for free. The adrenaline that had rushed through her veins at the time had felt something adjacent to rebellion but, looking back on it now, thousands of miles away from home, it felt as good as child’s play.

"… Okay." The sense of defeat that had begun to creep up on her was tided away with the brush of lips against her own - all tongue and teeth, something that had taken awhile to get used it. (Jonghyun had once mused to her that it was a goal of his to be able to count all her teeth with his tongue at some point, but he’d also told her that he wanted to bang her like his drum set a few times, so she’d taken the comment lightly.)

Taeyeon hummed into the kiss, contemplating whether or not they’ve would’ve been able to get away with taking it a bit further when a scoff brought her back to reality. Angling herself away from Jonghyun, she held back a laugh at where the noise had come from. “

Can you take that elsewhere?” A smaller man (probably a manager or something, she went on to assume) with his arms crossed firmly across his chest glared in their general direction.

"Sorry," she grumbled, giving Jonghyun a push forward before catching up to wrap her arm snugly around his waist. "I… -"

"It’s what we have the backseat of the car for." Jonghyun waggled his eyebrows suggestively down at her, earning him a snort of a laugh.

"I thought we had a concert to get to, Mr. "If I Miss This Show I’m Going to Die."," Taeyeon raised an eyebrow, examining Jonghyun as he dropped the box of… flat fruit gummies onto the front counting, his smile warming charmingly at the boy behind the cash register.

"We can be a little late," he started, handing the correct amount of cash toward the boy. Nudging her toward the exit, "I mean, we have to finish all of these before we get there, too, so…"
Tags: au, freaks and geeks au, g: shinee, g: snsd, r: pg, ☆: jonghyun/taeyeon
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