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do you need your superman clothes to fly? (changmin/sooyoung)

do you need your superman clothes to fly?
changmin/sooyoung - mlfas au - g - 610 words

Human beings were hard to decipher. Physically, they were identical to the inhabitants of his home planet: two arms, two legs, two eyes, hair in all the usual places and legs that went on for miles. Changmin frowned lightly as he examined the hum-…, the girl strewn across the couch below him.

"Maybe the latter isn’t as common," he mumbled to himself as Sooyoung (it was the name she’d given him - the name everyone called her, but he’d never been able to distinguish well between fact and fib with humans) mewled through her slumber. She mumbled and mumbled - something unintelligible -, nose crinkling. She jerked forward, hand falling from her side and hanging limply over the side of the couch, whimpering intensifying.

Was she having a nightmare? It was plausible enough. Changmin had them himself from time to time - bright lights flashing around him and clouds of smoke that he couldn’t crawl his way out of. It was all reminiscent of how he’d arrived on Earth to being with - he’d never trusted his acquaintances to be able to handle their crafts appropriately anyway, especially when breaking through the atmosphere of another planet. He’d been the only one to make it out alive - it was both a blessing and a curse. Her was glad that he’d been able to see his four hundredth year - it was just barely scratching quarter life, after all -, but doing it alone? It was strange; strange and something else that he’d never been able to place his finger on.


Changmin broke away from his thoughts at the single world, eyes turning back down just as the same hand that had fallen shot up toward Sooyoung’s face, clawing at the edge of her sleep mask. “They’re all over me, get them o-…" With a huff, Changmin halted her continuing struggle with his own fingers, pulling off the sleep mask with a snap of the band.

He tossed it to the side as Sooyoung started to come further to, eyes widening as she begun to register his action. “Did you just…,” she trailed off, bones cracking as she pushed herself into a seated position. “It’s morning - and you’re still here…, in the same outfit from last night.”

"You’re observant," Changmin deadpanned and she started to laugh.

"Did you think that if you stuck around and "kept an eye on me” after a bad night of drinking it’d get you “in" or something? I’m not sleeping with you."

He squinted. “I’m not sure if I’m registering what you’re trying to imply here,” he started, “that my interest in you is carnal? Because, I assure you, it’s not like that in the slightest.”

Sooyoung paused to gawk up at him, resting back on her elbows as her laughter continued, turning into something of a sputter. “Carnal? Please, never…, ever use that word around me again. Why do you talk like that anyway? It’s 2013, we can be informal with each other,” she paused. “Unless you want me to call you “oppa”…, oppa.”

Changmin blinked. “I’m not sure if I’m comfortable with that.”

Why were humans so persistent about that sort of thing? Changmin wondered as Sooyoung swung her legs over the edge of the couch with a sigh. “You’re such a buzzkill, if I didn’t know better, I’d say you weren’t “of this world”,” she laughed. “That’d be kind of ridiculous though, right? This isn’t some supernatural drama.”
Tags: au, drabble, g: snsd, g: tvxq, r: g, ☆: changmin/sooyoung
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