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MBC’s “King of Masked Singer” revealed the identity of “Vocal chords that never shake, Matrix” to be a talented vocalist who dedicated her performance to her close friend, SHINee’s Jonghyun.

The episode of “King of Masked Singer” that aired on March 11 had four challengers battle it out to see who would battle against the reigning champion. In the third round, “Vocal chords that never shake, Matrix” performed Lee Juck’s “With You” while “Hit me as you pass, Drum man” sang Lim Jae Bum’s “Because of Love.”

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source(s): @onewsweetvoice - soompi - @teamshineebr

sadly there isn't a good upload of her performance yet but ... yeah. nine is a great person and amazing performer so if you haven't checked out dear cloud you should go for it. i didn't even bother trying to go with some big reveal because what's the point lol

two hello venus/after school drabbles, g/pg

these were both prompts that i got awhile back on tumblr. don't expect brilliance because they suck.

untitled - #1 (because i'm lazy as fuck today)
alice/yooyoung - college au - g - 332 words

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untitled - #2 (because i'm still lazy, wow)
kaeun/yooyoung - community au - pg - 300 words

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lady t: let your soul be free (jonghyun/taeyeon)

lady t: let your soul be free
jonghyun/taeyeon - freaks and geeks au - pg - 1,175 words

(note: it's the first entry in a series of ~modern~ freaks and geeks inspired drabbles/one shots i'll probably end up doing over time. i'm gonna say that this is set after the other stuff i'll end up doing, aka: a "peek" into the future.)

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trope drabbles: jonghyun/taeyeon (pt. ii)

some of these are probably jumbled because i write them... a long time ago. the first three were part of an old post of mine that i fucked up royally so i'm just reposting them, and the final is something i've had laying around on google docs for probably five months. they're all "tropes" and very... mildly rated (also pretty lazy and i didn't even title them), but. i also didn't bother to have them be metaed (do i ever do that, though?) or go through for spelling mistakes twice. i apologize profusely.

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