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hey jealousy (jonghyun/taeyeon)
hey jealousy
jonghyun/taeyeon - g - 636 words

note: point blank? i was inspired by this. also, i'm shit at coming up with song titles. gin blossoms shuffled. there u go.

he was too transparent.Collapse )

two hello venus/after school drabbles, g/pg
these were both prompts that i got awhile back on tumblr. don't expect brilliance because they suck.

untitled - #1 (because i'm lazy as fuck today)
alice/yooyoung - college au - g - 332 words

i'm joohee.Collapse )

untitled - #2 (because i'm still lazy, wow)
kaeun/yooyoung - community au - pg - 300 words

you lazy fuck.Collapse )

is it just me or does the whole world suck? (jonghyun/taeyeon)
is it just me or does the whole world suck?
jonghyun/taeyeon - freaks and geeks au - g - 2,587 words

you’re becoming a delinquent.Collapse )

lady t: let your soul be free (jonghyun/taeyeon)
lady t: let your soul be free
jonghyun/taeyeon - freaks and geeks au - pg - 1,175 words

(note: it's the first entry in a series of ~modern~ freaks and geeks inspired drabbles/one shots i'll probably end up doing over time. i'm gonna say that this is set after the other stuff i'll end up doing, aka: a "peek" into the future.)

they’re called… fruit roll ups?Collapse )

do you need your superman clothes to fly? (changmin/sooyoung)
do you need your superman clothes to fly?
changmin/sooyoung - mlfas au - g - 610 words

wormsCollapse )

cruel fairytale (iu/jonghyun)
cruel fairytale (or what may as well be one)
jonghyun/iu - (so very) g-rated - 410 words

what's the best thing to play on a guitar?Collapse )

trope drabbles: jonghyun/taeyeon (pt. ii)
some of these are probably jumbled because i write them... a long time ago. the first three were part of an old post of mine that i fucked up royally so i'm just reposting them, and the final is something i've had laying around on google docs for probably five months. they're all "tropes" and very... mildly rated (also pretty lazy and i didn't even title them), but. i also didn't bother to have them be metaed (do i ever do that, though?) or go through for spelling mistakes twice. i apologize profusely.

yoCollapse )

not really sure how i feel about it (jessica/onew)
not really sure how i feel about it
jessica/onew - pg-13 - 921 words

She frowned through the darkness...Collapse )


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